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IT Asset Discovery Made Easy with Lansweeper

Lansweeper helps you to discover all IT assets connected to your network without having to install any software on your machines. Lansweeper finds & gathers information on all assets, listing hardware specs, installed software, user details, and much more. Eliminate one of the biggest hurdles in IT, getting complete end-to-end visibility of your network, and save time and effort with Lansweeper’s IT Asset Data Platform.


Lansweeper Provides You with One Centralized IT Inventory

Lansweeper gives you a single source of truth, an accurate and centralized repository of all your Hardware, Software, and Users. Lansweeper consolidates all asset details in a centralized System of Record. It offers corporations 100% visibility into their distributed IT environments, informing them which assets they own, where they are located, who is using them, and much more. Clicking on an individual asset record lets you see all the granular information Lansweeper has collected.

Lansweeper is Fully Integrable

The Lansweeper Solution connects right into your existing technology stack so you can drive change with IT data. Our integrations empower you to fuel every IT scenario with up-to-date, accurate IT Inventory data at all times. Use Lansweeper data to populate your CMDB and keep it up to date, drive Cloud Migration projects, support Software Asset Management, and so on.

Aim for Multiple Business Goals with Lansweeper

With Lansweeper you get the answers you need to your every IT scenario in no time. Need a quick overview on all the printers in the office or serial numbers of all your PCs? Need a run-down of all new devices that were found in the last 24 hours? Choose from over 400 ready-made, out of the box network reports or build custom reports within minutes. But why stop there? With Lansweeper you can go beyond IT to inform other business processes like audits for Finance and risk assessments for Compliance or even use the data to fuel C-level’s strategic thinking. The accurate data in your Lansweeper database is reliable and always up to date, meaning you are always prepared to steer the company in the right direction.

Scan Your Entire IT Estate in No Time

Discover Assets You Don't Even Know About & Eliminate Network Blind Spots
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