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HWiNFO or Lansweeper?

HWiNFO and Lansweeper are both extremely popular tools in IT,
but how do they differ and when should you use one or the other?

What is HWiNFO?

HWiNFO is one of the leading system information programs in the market that both enthusiasts and professionals regularly use to automatically discover detailed information about their PCs. Essentially, HWiNFO does two things:

When do you use HWiNFO?

HWiNFO is useful in situations when you need some information quickly from a specific computer. But what if you have 100 or 1000 or 10,000 computers? What if you need to know how many of your workstations still have an outdated BIOS version? How many of them have 8GB of RAM instead of 16? Which machines need a GPU driver update? You clearly need a solution that does what HWiNFO does but scaled and tailored to the needs of your organization. That is where Lansweeper comes in.

What is Lansweeper?

Lansweeper takes it a big step further. Not only does it grant you the same functionality as HWiNFO, it also adds many other abilities:

When do you use Lansweeper?

Lansweeper is used to facilitate a wider variety of IT scenarios. From help and service desks to security initiatives, warranty management, software and hardware provisioning, patch and update management – you name it. And because of the aforementioned abilities, its usefulness even transcends the IT department, as it can also speed up auditing processes for Finance or pro-actively alert Compliance of non-compliance issues. The possibilities are endless.

Try Lansweeper out for free

Hardware information in Lansweeper is just the start. The combination of having hardware, software, and user information in one system supports many use cases. To fully discover what Lansweeper is capable of, try it out for free and discover what the wealth of information in your organization can do for you!

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